Monday, 11 December 2017


The way of the world is illusion
I strive after true reality.
To be moved by earthly possessions is illusion
I endeavour to rise above duality.
To be the world's servant is illusion
I wander in the mountains alone.
Wealth and possessions are illusion
I renounce for the sake of the faith any I may have.
External things are illusion
I contemplate the mind.
Distinctive thought is illusion
I follow after sapience.
Conditional truth is illusion
I dispose the absolute truth.
'The printed book is illusion
I meditate upon the counsels of the ear-whispered tradition.
Philosophical argument is illusion
I study at length that which is unfeigned tradition'.
Both birth and death are illusion
I contemplate the deathless truth.
Ordinary knowledge is illusion
I exercise myself in wisdom.
The delight of mental thought is illusion
I dwell in the state of reality. 

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