Monday, 16 April 2012

Acerbus (Ind) - “Chamber of Decrepitude” single.

The metal scene in India currently is in a new phase that shows promise. Many new bands come out every year. Acerbus are one of the promising bands from the capital of country which formed in January in 2012. They play old school death doom/funeral doom. The band’s d├ębut single titled as “Chamber of Decrepitude” has been released on their Bandcamp. It’s pretty good and its sounds immense and diseased. The track depicts a desolate journey which revolves around a decrepit man who is awaiting an impending death in a chamber which offers no hope in life. This Delhi based band has probably delivered one of the most promising “single” releases in the extreme doom sphere. Acerbus are a band that understands how to construct an aural delight in the mood of Asunder, diSEMBOWELMENT, Coffins, Mournful Congregation etc. The track Chamber of Decrepitude runs twelve minutes long. The drums and the guitars lend an epic feel to the song. The vocals alternate between a deep, gritty roar and vomiting shrieks. You can check out the track on their Bandcamp page as well. The future may certainly hold bright promises for them. They will be treating with a demo release in a few months.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pits of Eternal Torment by Morbidity

Demo 2012
Death metal is one of the most excellent canvases for portraying artistic excellence. Everybody among us likes and knows early Xysma, old Disgrace, Nihilist, Abhorrence (of Finland), etc. Bands like these truly define that death metal and extreme metal in general is nothing less than grotesque aural art. But there are a lot of equally good groups that need more attention and need to be discovered. Here I recommend you to check out a death metal act from Bangladesh. When it comes to Morbidity's music, it is not simply death metal.

They released a demo entitled as “Pits of Eternal Torment” via Imperium Productions in 2012. It was the first release of the band. In recent months, not many new death metal bands have impressed me as much as Morbidity.

The demo starts with "Morbidity". This is such a hellish tune! Searing cacophonous riffs filled with good structures and a filthy atmosphere. The lead lads, whose skill the band swerve by. The vocal is more powerful. "Pits of Eternal Torment" is definitely an interesting demo that manages to reconcile raw death metal of the late eighties or early nineties with a certain kind of sinister feeling which managing to be primitive but all the songs on the demo have their own touch. The feel, everything is absolutely not different in each song. Yes, this demo is putrid death metal perfection to my ears and Morbidity is definitely one of the most promising death metal acts around mainly because these fanatics keep the essence of old school purity.

The second track is "Let There Be Chaos". It’s raw and vibrancy. Morbid blackened riffs moving at a chaotic atmosphere. Let there be chaos and desecrate your Elysium. "Pits of Eternal Torment" is an assault of quick paced riffing and drumming, then the riffs developed by the distorted guitar and searing vocals. “Echoing screams of torture forever enslaved by the fire. Limbs imprisoned in merciless chains, violent slash on the throat”.

The four tracks on this mini album can completely obliterate the posers out there. The tape got everything you want to hear from a raw death metal. Brutal, fast riffing, filthy atmosphere, evil guitar tone, incredible powerful vocals. The tape is equal to total roughness. The sound of the band is pretty original because they don’t care for any trends. The production is also total original and not as boring as most of the other releases of today. The final track is a cover of Nunslaughter’s “Killed By The Cross” which recorded at a band’s live show. When listening to the demo, I did get what I was expecting. Tightly written and violently presented. These lads are definitely going to be something very special within the near future. Behold them.


  • Delifer - Vocals
  • Sethos - Bass
  • Israfel - Drums
  • Skorcher - Guitar
  • Azerate - Guitars