Wednesday, 21 October 2015

GLORIFYING ACAUSAL ENERGIES: Interview with Thy Darkened Shade.

Since their appearance in 1999 and ascendancy to power in 2012, Semjaza, the leading light of the band, formulated a vision with the aim revealing constant aspect of Luciferian doxology in accordance with His interpretation of immanent Luciferian beliefs and doctrines. In the brief span of three years, from 2012 - 2015, Thy Darkened Shade, however, strife against the odds and gained strength as the years wore on. TDS is a holy act which delivers Satanic art of the highest order. They're consistent with the Dark Gods. They speak His true name with an act of art, an art of Great Opposer. One of the few bands I sincerely respect and appreciate.

2012 – “Eternvs Mox, Nex Ritvs”. Its impressiveness is to pull together its countless raw yet technical black metal with an old-school atmosphere, shaping itself into a coherent whole. Aurally engaging without doubt for all the experimentalism in its execution makes a totally demanding album for those extreme metal cognoscenti and aficionados. It made me ecstatic the same way “Pure Holocaust” did. Raise the chalice of blood to EMNR.

2014 – “Liber Lvcifer I - Khem Sedjet”. It is a very imposing and striking album. The whole album rules. Darkness and danger are what we can feel in every pick and every hit. It did activate every single one of my pleasure centres the way Mayhem's début album did. It may not be a relevant comparison, but it is nonetheless potent stuff. This album will win over time. Life is a privileged experience when one has the opportunity to listen to albums like this. Sometimes, extreme metal music isn't just about macabre notes or bloody screams but also about the time its from.

2015 has been a triumphant year for TDS. “Liber Lvcifer I”'s double vinyl and a unique tape edition is now available through WTC Productions. Besides, Chaos Invocation and Thy Darkened Shade have decided to do a split album titled ''Saatet-ta Apep''. It’s circling about the enemy of Ra, depicting their vision of set invoking Apep. Its cover art is done by Karmazid and it’s a sight-worthy. Let the chaos thrive. Forbye, a four way split release brewing in darkness. Withal, Thy Darkened Shade have announced their first live ritual, as support for Dødheimsgard and initiated by the Greek Occult Ambient band Shibalba. It will be held on 13th of November, 2015, in Athens, Greece. Hail comrades, make a point to catch this fest. Meeting in person and commune with an anti-cosmic Satanist like Semjaza would be a surreal experience not for commons but for fervent wights to incite their inner black flame. On 13th November, the black flame shall set the world on fire! HAIL KAOS!

Glorifying acausal energies: Here's a voiceless magniloquent by Semjaza.

You have time to go a lot deeper into the process of writing and recording the next album. I am not quite sure what the next album will be like and how many songs will it contain, but I’ll never be failed to gauge the greatness of your works as Thy Darkened Shade is growing together with and inside of you. Your jnana and bhakti to the Devil are the two paths to the absolute. You are passionately following what you do, and are soaring high every day with your hard work. O my brethren, I wanted to express my desire to listen to more from TDS in the near future.

Salve Sathanas, thanks for the words. I am always channelling new hymns of Luciferian might; it is my duty to do so, since they highly correlate with my path and my aims as His child. I compose music for my personal reflection for plenty of years and I felt from “Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs” onwards that it was the time for the most serious manifestation of what I call Acausal Necrosophic Black Metal both musically and ideologically. I understood my ego was a serious problem that was keeping me unawakened, thus the venom of Samael poisoned the ego and Semjaza brought light and showed me the way; I had the urge to burn my old skin. I've composed plenty of hymns, I need to further channel my true Self into them and invoke holy chaos into what it is going to be perceived as black metal albums.

Nowadays, I am working on new tracks for our next grimoire but it is too early to say something about it apart from the fact that it sounds like a more abyssic version of the classic TDS sound. One thing is for sure, the next album will be closer to Azoth, I will be closer to my true Self, I will strive for greatness again. Stagnation isn't synonymous with Satanic art and indeed it is a task to do something different from “Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet” but we will do so. I can’t say better than “Liber Lvcifer I” because all of our works are steps leading to the black sun and are equally important for my spiritual development. But our next chapter should be different and perfect; I am easily fed up with bands that produce the same albums over and over again. “Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs” and “Liber Lvcifer I” are different, while one can feel the same fire that emanates our spirits.

There will be a split release with your brothers Acrimonious. It will be a concept wise release circling around Goddess Naamah and Zoroastrian Satan. Acrimonious and Thy Darkened Shade, both share the same characteristic traits, especially regarding faith and aspect of Luciferian manifestation. Dark Ideology and black metal are a nearly perfect symbiosis. Strong individuals like this are able to collaborate, inspire and work together effectively to produce something that is other-worldly, but what are the paths that you travel with Acrimonious that you don’t with Thy Darkened Shade? Can’t wait for “Eleven Dragons”. Besides, give me the recording information about the parturient split release, if I am not very inquisitive.

We have been talking about this release for some years now. Acrimonious and Thy Darkened Shade originate from the same chaotic currents of the abyss and even though exoterically this release will be regarded as a split release, we already knew beforehand that we were always bonded by fire and blood. As you stated, Thy Darkened Shade and Acrimonious are really close spiritually, our brotherhood is stronger than ever and our bond is carved in our blood eternally. Our aims as children of fire are the same, in exoteric words can be described as burning everything to the ground and leaving nothing but ashes while striving to become one with the acausal realm of the Ancient Ones. We discussed about the concept release but there is no need to further analyse this holy work now. As soon as we receive the revelation, it will be unleashed to the filthy Malkuth to curse and bless accordingly; the Gods can command for a different ritualistic manifestation than the one we previously discussed, it is not for us but for Them! To quote an inspirational Satanist, “He who stands atop the highest pyramid of skulls can see the furthest”. There are indeed different expressions in these bands but they can only be described in terms of sound since the ideology and the path that we walk are the same. I am really looking forward for Acrimonious to finalise “Eleven Dragons”, the album sounds highly inspirational at the recording stage, it links all our releases together and goes deeper into the fires of Sitra Achra and the current of the 11. Hail Azrt!

Is there anything you would love to do in your coming years apart from TDS?

The single and most important endeavour is to be one with acausal realm, therefore everything that is linked with this endeavour is holy and really important for me and my antibeing. My life is about the glorification of the One, Satan's will is my true will and fulfilling my wyrd is for His eternal reign. I have to release two books of the Order of Promethean Fyre and dive into gnosis that few will ever wish to dive, for my own (in)sanity. As you can realise, this is more than challenging, self-altering and dangerous task, aiming to completely kill the ego, in order for Him to appear, no safe wannabe LHP here. Also, I am really looking forward to record new grimoires with Acrimonious and Cave amongst other sinister tasks.

“Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs” is one of the best black metal albums. Cliché words. But really a killer release epitomizing the spirit of the underground. The first thing I've noticed was the drums. Simon-pure and its proclaiming tradition as it's not that different from what I'm used to listen in “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, “Apokalypse”, “Pure Holocaust”, “Domination” (Morbid Angel) and “Scarlet Evil Witching Black” etc. Not really a relevant comparison but that intense and genuine stuff... All the while brimming with a chaotic spirit that isn't that common in modern black metal albums. I actually wish more bands had adhered to a style like this, not with the same impoverished tonality, but just given their style more character.

Interesting that I am deeply connected with all the albums that you state. Indeed, “Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs” and Thy Darkened Shade stand for the idealization of real old-school black metal. When I say old school black metal I don’t mean the mindless ripping off from Burzum, Darkthrone, Celtic Frost or Bathory that a lot of people consider as old-school playing, but building an individual sound while honouring Satan. The most important influence of all is the link with the acausal and the ways of becoming aligned with the abyssic dimension. These ways are revealed and are not consciously pushed to be revealed according to my way of recording; planning kills the neither-neither state that I wish to summon with TDS, it is far beyond conception that my mind should go, into the endless nothingness and return with the precious gifts of chaos. That's one of the reasons why I never know how the next Shade album will turn out until it is done; the process works for me only that way.

How did you partnership with WTC Productions? I presume, there was an intense discussion on all levels, musically and spiritually then did they provide the budget to produce “Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs”?

We finalized “Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs” and then we sent digital promos to some few labels. WTC was among the few labels that we wished to be part of and I was extremely happy that they liked the album as much as we do. WTC has released many of our favorite releases and at that time there was out the demo of Ascension (“With Burning Tongues”), which is one of my best demos ever. There is not really a discussion with Sven when we release albums, he completely believes in our ability to channel His magnificence into sonic rituals of fire. We are just doing what is needed to be done and that means total isolation and hatred towards the mundane world while staring inwards. I always do a really detailed pre-production before the actual recordings, I also master this pre-production in order to avoid any mistakes in the production phase of the album. Sven is one of those who listen to the pre-productions beforehand, so he knows what to expect. We are extremely grateful for our cooperation; WTC really supports us in all ways possible. Hail WTC! Hail Sven! Hail Luror!

I don’t see a big difference between being signed or independent because genuine bands like TDS create music for yourselves and release it for the people who believe in your music. Whereas I ask you, when you decide to sign a label, how much does the sales potential mean to you?

I care to have the support I need, in order to create and release Holy works exactly as I envision them, which means top quality in all levels. I cannot compromise with anything less than top quality; I am bored easily with bands that don't give their craft the appropriate attention. For me the lyrics, the artwork, the editions and everything around Thy Darkened Shade are equally important with the music and are holy, therefore, I approach all these aspects with the utmost of respect. I recreate acausal black metal for the Dark Gods, my rituals are an offering to Them and my albums are a mirror of my development towards His thoughtless light. Even if one person will sense his/her black flame and begin the journey towards the everlasting freedom, then I will be proud. It is always great to connect with people that can feel the fire and always an honour to know that these people are listening to our sonic rituals.

I am very fortunate to interview with Sven Zimper a year ago. Sven is a very unusual person even among the many unusual people in the scene. He’s very experienced and sets high standards and ethics when it comes to running a label. The aesthetic of WTC is heavily reliant on enrichment the underground scene. Yes, it’s all about attitude and values. How do you view the future of working with Sven? Besides, are there any unreleased tracks from past that you might release in the future?

Sven is an individual who can totally understand what a real black metal band is all about, he is also the main man behind the cult act Luror, which is the best thing you need from your “label boss”. The future working with Sven will be as always great, third album is not going to happen anytime soon but some releases will be out most probably before that.

There are plenty of unreleased tracks and even unreleased albums, some of them will be released while others are better to stay at my dungeon. I recently rediscovered some old ‘’forgotten’’ finalized Shade pre-produced tracks that were buried by time and dust and somehow connect all of our works, even the works that we never released. These tracks are really inspiring and crucial for the development of TDS, they are also different from what we did before and are connected together in mysterious ways. I am planning to record them sooner or later and unleash a release of these tracks before the third album.

Thy Darkened Shade is not a technical or studio focused band, but a holy act which deliver Satanic art of the highest order. TDS has been processing some kind of experimenting black metal which is partially compared to some Greek and Swedish BM besides tending to remind of Abigor/Thorns in some parts as for the influences. I request thou, You seriously need to consider playing live, considering Elixir of Azazel, Or She-ein bo Mahshavah, Drayishn-I Ahriman O Divan and Liber Lvcifer would work really well in a live environment with its contrasting build ups and thunderous segments, which can stirs the imagination of the people and inspires fear and danger in maffick. Performing music is a ritualistic act.

Composing is identical with invoking for me. I don't view Shade as a technical band either, even though our compositions are difficult to be played, thus some regard them as progressive kind of playing. For me it is a trance kind of playing. Thy Darkened Shade's performance is ritualistic and has nothing to do with empty notes. Rituals in live settings are going to happen really soon and the playlist consists of a balance between “Eternvs Mos Nex Ritvs” and “Liber Lvcifer I”. We will dedicate our rituals in the name of Qayin, magical and unique the incantations should be.

You've always had an interest in the esotericism as there is more out there than human senses are able to detect and comprehend. You try to cram too many ideas into one point and you do have the technical aptitude to execute your sonic visions, but TDS is not a one-man project as the other members of the band, including Vamperess Imperium, must have a heartfelt connection with one another, and it serving as an important stepping stone in your personal musical evolution with Thy Darkened Shade.

Vamperess Imperium is not a member of Thy Darkened Shade but she is my Scarlet Woman, my magical companion in this earthly existence and beyond. However, she is also one of the founder members of the Order of Promethean Fyre and she is working with Thy Darkened Shade as a graphic designer/visual artist, I really believe her work is one of the best I've seen in my life. Our spiritual bond is of SamaeLilithian blood and thus, her input is vital, inspirational and magical. We work closely and she summons the energies that we aim to summon via astral sabbats, sigils, invocations, Luciferian revelations and endeavours better unspoken. Now she is doing the artwork for the new Acrimonious album and it looks amazing and totally inspirational, the cover is one of the best covers in this genre! Hail SV131!

One striking aspect I have impressed is The A’s virile vocal parts which are really praiseworthy.

Thanks, me too actually, he really surpassed himself, another indication that he is channelling the quintessence of Satan.

The culmination of your music is not only aim to revive the real essence of 90’s black metal but also attaining satanic art of the highest order. What I am really interested in Thy Darkened Shade is that its aesthetic is profound and intensely studied lyricism. It’s not music that defines black metal really. There is a challenge in it methinks. How do you try to understand the revelatory perspective for each lyrics for the listener and reader to explore deeper into? Or, don’t you have the intention to make your creation comprehensible for everyone? However, many people don’t read the lyrics yet they do get into the music.

Again, I totally agree with you, black metal is not about music, it is something much deeper than music, this divine artform for me was (and still is) something much more valuable than anything else (there is no black metal without the Left Hand Path and the LHP for me is the only reason to live). When I was younger, I was refusing to speak with anyone that wasn't aware of the grandiosity that this divine “movement” can produce in the psyche of the individual, I was also terrorizing people who were not worthy of listening to black metal. But the most important thing was, back then, I wasn’t even really aware of how grandiose this movement can become, I was still trying to grasp the magnificence but the Luciferian glimpses were there. Black metal derives from the beyond and channels the beyond; it has nothing to do with rock stars, people who need fame and money, regular mundane dudes, losers, wimps, weaklings, regular musicians or anyone like that. Black metal shall be the ultimate weapon of acausal freedom, the channel of the Self divine and the quest for the ultimate gnosis. It is not a coincidence that all the real masterpieces that left their mark on this genre dealt with the abyssic dimension and nothing else (of course this includes endeavours that need many deaths in order to be fully understood).  I can understand and appreciate good art regardless the concept but speaking about black metal and ignoring the spiritual background, is like speaking of classic rock and ignoring that this music needs drums, it is really that simple. What a lot of the mainstream magazines promote as black metal is nothing but an empty version of notes with no real substance behind the music. One of the saddest of things is that many of those who revolutionized this genre became slaves to the system that they hated and forgot the most important values of this genre. It may be due to the fact that a lot of them nearly destroyed their lives because of their ideals but that’s the point, black metal expands, the ideology expands, the understanding expands and this is because Luciferian wisdom is all-expanding, pan-dimensional and brings the most valuable of masterpieces to this holy genre. It is really important for the future to propagate what this ultimate movement can become. It took us many years to understand and grasp the magnificence that black metal really can produce and we should continue exploring it and expanding it. Black metal is Holy because it derives from the Gods, not from the people. Fuck all the divas, it is for Him, not for the humanoids, black metal listeners should stop worshiping idols, they should start worshiping the everlasting stream of chaos that derives from the acausal realm of Tiamat. If the listener wishes to dive deeper into our music he/she will find something that is much more valuable than anything else; a source of everlasting fire that is not of this world but goes before time, before cosmos, before all illusions. If he/she aims to reveal the true Self and erase the mundane notions of what the delusional personality is really about, then Thy Darkened Shade will be the perfect sonic ritual. If not, this is not a problem either, the mantras, sigils, rituals of fire and the channelling are doing their works in the shadows and in the shadows the Dark Gods are always lurking, waiting to enslave the ego and absorb the prana. My intention is only to unveil my true Self and glorify His name but this can be discussed until the end of times.

You follow many thoughts according to Old Persian as well as Zoroastrianism worship and regard them as worthy areas of study and respect. When I began collecting questionnaire data, I had received the impression from the lyrics. You emphasis Zoroastrianism but from your point of view. Zoroastrianism differs from the other monotheisms is in its conceptualization of the genesis of Satan. Mainstream Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all view Satan as a fallen angel who was cast out of heaven. There are still people who believe Satan belongs to Christianity. Would you agree if I say that you develop your own ideas and understanding of Satanism under proper guidance but without influence, and you gear toward the spiritual exploration and practical development of the Art of Magic, rather than the sociological and philosophical aspects of Satanism?

I regard all religions of the world as really crucial for study, especially the main religious texts of every religion are really important for my own development. Lucifer lurks everywhere and His manifestations are countless, it is up to us to unlock the gates to His kingdom. Satan or Lucifer belongs to the acausal universe and these are only two of His countless names, Ahriman or Angra Mainyu are others. Chaos is everything, my God is much older than religion but my God left His guidance in all religions, we must follow Him into the pits of hell and receive the gnosis that offers in all His manifestations, thus it is crucial to go deep and explore each chthonic pantheon of every religion. My understanding stems from practical Prometheanism which is an amalgam of various schools of LHP but has a Chaognostic approach and derives from my wyrd alone. I don't really feel that there is any philosophical/sociological aspect of Satanism since philosophy and sociology are mundane terms. The only aspect that matters to me is the acausal energy that we can draw into our own beings to become like Vindex in the world of leeches. Followers shall follow and they will see the light of truth as terror rather than bliss. Indeed, I focus on spiritual exploration that derives from personal practice and study.

Your mind is disciplined and trained via various exercises adapting to the perception of the Luciferian jnana and the spiritual path to acquiring real power and wisdom. What is the first step if I try to search inside myself and trying to develop my own path into magical currents I want to explore? May be through a path of self-actualization or simple and ascetic way of living. I do rely on the internet for information. But there’s never a guarantee that information online is accurate but I firmly believe these things ought to be learnt through direct interaction in Guru-Sishya mode.

I always believed that the most important step towards magical wisdom is the communication with the Higher Self, which is the opening of the eye of Abaddon. This thought makes the practitioner go deeper into his/her Luciferian will and links his/her essence with the Dark Gods and the lineage of Qayin. Currents and magical orders can help but if someone isn't able to sacrifice his ego in the altar of becoming, nothing will come out of that. But yet again, the practices are really known in this era and time and it is rather true that Higher Self revelations cannot happen before real invocations occur, before real meditations occur, before kundalini awakes and unites the red and the black snake, before sigil charging, before astral absorption of prana happens or before shape-shifting occurs. It is therefore crucial for me to focus and dedicate our lives to the path of becoming, because it is the only path where freedom awaits the ones with the blood of Ahriman. Higher Self revelations will further guide the practitioner into the depths of inner alchemy and lapis philosophorum. We must summon the Higher Self and then the wyrd will be revealed and Set-anic wisdom will come in multiple ways.

Is there something deeper with the title, “Narrow Fields of Life”? When I listen to it, I am not just listening to it but internalizing the manifestation of the metaphysical level but can’t reach to it.

Life is a delusional state of various random pseudo-events that the mundane conceives as reality due to his total confusion by in turn boycotting the reality of the shadowy anti-world. “Narrow Fields of Life” is a hymn of cosmic destruction and glorifies the eradication of anything mundane amongst other things that shall be revealed to those wishing to dive deeper. The ego is a total illusion; the notion of the personality is as close to real psychological illness as one can get (the illness of the soul and not the illness of the mind that cosmic psychology stands for). What is more delusional than the fake identities that all humanoids proudly claim they possess?

What I am impressed about LLI is that you gave the right amount of suppleness in the compositions that makes LLI appears truly UNFORCED. Definitely, you could contribute something great to black metal. A traditional touch in all songs, yet retain a unique personal touch of your own because it’s all based on creative influences rather than imitating existing materials. This is the true essence of BM ‘old school’. What can you tell me about your studio experience with V. Santura at Woodshed Studio? I presume it was quite suitable for your needs like recording at own studio gives the luxury of unlimited studio time.

Thanks a lot, it is true that “Liber Lvcifer I” is completely unforced, I was experiencing the real definition of “artistic” freedom, I was doing exactly what my true will was dictating me and nothing less. There were neither pre-determined notions in my mind nor rules to follow, just chaotic death worship. This is why the outcome is unique in all levels; because there was no one to follow apart from Him and His guidance towards my union with the waters of Nun. This is the ultimate sonic way of expressing my black flame that I have known until now. We recorded in both my own studio and in Woodshed studios and obviously we had all the time we needed to finalize the album. I did a really detailed pre-production of this masterwork, which actually was in the working process even before “Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs” was released. Working with V. Santura was great, he perfectly understood what I needed for this album and we will collaborate on future works for sure, he already did the mixing-mastering job for our track in the 4-way split release with Abigor, Mortuus & Nightbringer and I can assure you it sounds great. Speaking about the aforementioned 4-way split, the procedure was really inspirational and deep in all levels; expect a future classic black metal release exclusively.

“Liber Lvcifer I” truly is one of the finest displays of musicianship and song writing acumen ever put to recording. You offered more than what beats in your chest to this album. Damn, words narrow its might. I cannot express how deeply embed this album lies within my heart. There are eleven hymns on the album, does that connect to anything? Because, eleven is a number of anti-cosmic Chaos. Besides, it stands for lawlessness, freedom, formlessness and the breaking of the closed circle. Your deep knowledge of arcane practises coupled with your unflinching dedication added a touch of brilliance to “Liber Lvcifer I”.

Eleven is a holy number, it symbolizes our ascension towards the thoughtless black light and our close relation with Qliphotic magic and the awakening of the 11 headed dragon AZRT among other practices! Indeed, it is linked with total and real freedom, Universe B, the path of Nod which further guides towards eternal destruction.

“Black Light of Sitra Ahra” and “Holy Lvcifer” have a peculiar charm and song writing quality that really stands out among the rest of album catalogue. Adroitly done. These interludes should not be dissected and analysed as it’s something to be felt and something abstract that deals with inner emotions. But when you choose the song titles, were there any additional significance to them?

There is nothing more significant than vibrating the name of Lucifer, which is Holy and is the only reason to live and breathe. The black light of anti-cosmic magic will guide us into the beyond, to fulfil our immortal quest and enter the black sun, to be Self-created like our father Lucifer and become in the likeness of our Dark Gods in the acausal anti-universe. The black light of Lucifer is the only light that shines, the only true light that the blind see as darkness.

A special mention for Magus Wampyr Daoloth. He played his parts with aplomb. “Daemon Phosphorus” is tremendously engaging, later it reaches a greater section, while upholding its intrinsic values. You are indeed proud for that collaboration beyond any shadow of a doubt.

I grew up with Necromantia, I listen to them since I was really a kid and it is a special honour for me to have the voice of Magus Wampyr Daoloth in one of our tracks. I consider Necromantia as one of the most important bands from the 90s. It is really important for me that after 2 years, I still wouldn't want to change even a single detail on “Liber Lvcifer I”, from the production to the composition, performance and the artwork, I learnt a lot from this album.

The voices preach the swords of fire bringer Lucifer and the tongues declare the rise of Goddess Naamah. “Elixir of Azazel”! Ah! Its supreme art. The lyrics define the whole atmosphere of this song, the mood and the direction. You have portrayed an extraordinary expression of brevity and felicity on “Elixir of Azazel”. It’s pulsating the luciferian energy. I say again that there is no other BM release in recent time that sounds enthusiastic like this. Can you articulate the internal and external motivations that gave rise to this hymn as “Elixir of Azazel”?

“Elixir of Azazel” cannot be described in human tongues; in an ecstatic version of death posturing I cannot really remember, I could only channel His might. For it is His fires that guide hands to write, compose and become.

The craftsmanship in “Or She-ein bo Mahshavah” is almost flawless. There can’t be two opinions on this track as its vast musical acumen and chaotic reverberating tone. The thought behind this song is about Sitra Ahra as we view it as ‘The Universe B’. It venerates Lucifer as the highest manifestation of the path of Black Light, and everlastingly rejecting the structures of cosmic laws. Isn't it “Or She-ein bo Mahshavah” implies on the surface symbolically?

“Or She-ein bo Mahshavah” derives from the teachings of Nathan of Gaza, it is a core concept of our practice and the teachings of the Temple of the Black Light. The black light of Lucifer is the thoughtless light that builds the Qliphotic anti-worlds with infernal power, in order to destroy the Sephirotic worlds and receive the final gnosis of Death (Daath) until our eternal acausal reign. The lyrics are there to enlight those who wish to dwell deeper into our working towards Sitra Ahra/Universe B. Hail Lucifer, the bringer of black light!

What is your fundamental thought of your spiritual studies? Besides, where did the journey in practise of Left Hand Path begin for you and how would you describe your life before that?

Without practice and without real results there is no path, we must see with our eyes, feel with our hearts, and hear with our ears Lucifer's glory and we must eradicate the delusional gods of pseudo-light. Concerning my passion with darkness, I can't really remember when it begun because it had been always there and that's why I felt really close with metal music since the elementary school years. My conscious passion for the LHP initiated from a really young age but back then the sources were really few, I wasn't able to grasp or acquire the knowledge that I needed, I was still a dabbler but thirsty and devoted for the knowledge of the snake. There were no occult book shops close to my place in order to buy what I wanted, no internet to purchase books from abroad, just letters and communication with some few of the blood and some really few books. However, the understanding in such deep matters in young ages cannot be anything better than dabbling anyway. But there was something really important, the urge to become something else, the fire that burns everything to the ground, the fire that led me to the path of Nod which I identified as the black flame years later. Black metal and devotion to metal in general, were really important for the awakening of the Promethean fire within. “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” and the Aleister Crowley references on that masterpiece led me to a treasure of knowledge and the quest for the ultimate wisdom. Furthermore, my huge passion for Mercyful Fate/King Diamond also helped a lot in the early years; Dissection, Necromantia and Norwegian black metal, Abigor, all of them were influences towards my awakening. My being before practising the ways of the ancient gods was driven by metal fire and passion that led to something much greater so, I value it because it led to the greatness of Satan. I realize though that it was nothing compared to what it is now and what it can further become. I have the need to praise death, personality is not important, I should praise the everlasting stream of the waters of Nun, until I become one with it, I condemn my ego and everything that comes with it.

The Hindu tradition is rich with mythic figures of divine, or semi divine, superhuman nature. Here demons are hierarchically ranked in various cosmic layers. Demons that belong to the lower part of hierarchy are demonic, dark beings, such as the Asuras, who are always adversaries to humankind. Raksasas are demons who embody various hostile animals (snakes, vultures, etc.), are identified with spirits of the night. Black metal has one purpose only – to serve Lucifer. And there’s several ways to reach ultimate Light. As a pursuer, where do you stand in Eastern tantric culture? If you stand on such matters, how did the affinity increase and I vehemently asking, anything you want to achieve surprising revelatory insights from Right Hand Path?

The pursuit of the divine Self and the opening of nexions in Malkuth, while striving to charge the world and also charge the vessel with acausal energy is rather similar (but not identical) as a concept with the attainment of siddhis (magical powers) and moksha (liberation). It is the liberation from Samsara that we strive to achieve and become Self-created, but the direction is heading towards the black sun. It is up to the practitioner to use spiritual methods for real freedom and Luciferian individuation. The Right Hand Path can be used for Left Hand Path aims by changing the direction and the words of power of the rituals or the meditations and convert them to receive Luciferian bliss. Astrally absorbing the prana of the fake gods, vampirizing their followers and transferring the energy to the Dark Gods and the true Self, for the attainment of the true Self is the will of Prometheus. In that way, we use the Right Hand Path to achieve Azoth, the enosis of Samael and Lilith and become like Them, our gods are ancient, they derive from chaos, it is rather important to understand the difference between the ancient gods and the fake gods of pseudo-light. Freedom and godhood are the opposite of slavery and martyrdom and this is common sense, our gods represent freedom, the practitioner cannot achieve freedom and total lawlessness when he/she praises the enemy. By working with the acausal energies, we understand such things and we go deeper into gnosis and Luciferian individuation which has nothing to do with the praise of personality or any mundane notion of personal fulfilment. Actually, rather the opposite, our personality derives from the impulses of Abel, which we must kill.

Has this varied knowledge led you into directions you wouldn't have expected? Because, that track says, ’in the innermost of revelations, the portal of Thaumiel unseals and I gaze through the eye of Lucifer. To Hearken my call and evolve, I the self-creator’. Your spiritual practice experiences are unique and do lend itself to rational scrutiny that lifts you to the unspeakable plane from the mundane world experiences.

“Or She Ein Bo Mahshavah” was a huge revelation consisting of many workings put together in lyrics; I will continue to explore that direction lyrically. To fully answer your question, the procedure of creating “Liber Lvcifer I” and “Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs” led me to various unexpected directions and it further aided the exploration of the abyss and my true Self. I went even deeper than I thought was possible, my works are the reflections of my path and I aim to expand each and every time, otherwise I’d rather be dead. There should be further explorations until I will ensure that total destruction will lead to Universe B.

“Nox Profunda” always renders me speechless. Does it deal with fiendish druj Aži Dahāka from Iranian Mythology? Besides, give me a comprehensive overview on Zahak, the son of Merdas. Would you say that you tried to interpret it all from your psychological point of view?

This is the revelation of summoning the dragon Aži Dahāka, the son of our father Angra Mainyu/Ahriman and forever cursing Ahura Mazda and his false creation. From an initiatory point of view, Zahak became the eternal dragon by transforming himself into the immortal Aži Dahāka, whose real father is Ahriman and not Merdas. He became the eternal daeva by killing Merdas and finding His wyrd as the dragon of the other side. He guided us into the great unknown and he offered us the true gnosis of traditional Satanism, like Qayin. He is one of the most dangerous Druj and he always bears destruction to the un-worthy. Hail our father Angra Mainyu, we offer souls for your glory!

The impact of your studies of various esoteric doctrines into your interpretation with TDS is massive. I had to exercise the deeper and less-used parts of my brain to deeply comprehend the diligently and scrupulously lyrics you portrayed on “Drayishn-I Ahriman O Divan”. It’s related to Zurvanite Zoroastrianism, correct me if I am wrong and walk with me to comprehend the esoteric meaning of this mighty hymn of intensity of Lucifer´s flames.

Ahriman is Satan in one of His uncountable manifestations, the opposer of Ahura Mazda and the bringer of lawlessness, total destruction, immortality and the master of the ways of the necromancer. In this immortal hymn we glorify Him and Az along with His archdemons and our eternal becoming. We summon the infernal powers of Ahriman, Aka Manah, Saura, Indar, Naonghas, Taurvi, Zairich and Az. The esoteric meaning cannot be understood with words, but can only be experienced through practise directly from the source of Chaos. The religion of slaves and the creator impulses aim to produce more cosmic slaves and extend the vermin age, while Ahriman is the awakener from the cosmic slumber and the bearer of the black flame.

Elaborate further on the essence of the song “Saatet-ta Renaissance”. Is it the power to explore the own subconscious and its unlimited potential? When you write the lyrics you crave for the acausal will of Azazel, it channels to some kind of energy to your creative and emancipating ways. I really wish to meet you in person sometimes as you discover the true objective of your life, is highly impressive for me.

With deep respect we approach the fury of Apophis and the glory of Set, we should return to the everlasting waters of Nun, once and for all. Our wyrd is to bring everything back to the ultimate source of Chaos and become one with our Dark Gods eternally. Ra fears us because we are Set's revengeful children, we shall destroy forever the illusions of Ma’at; we hail Isfet and the mighty justice, which is injustice in the eyes of the blind. The Boat of Millions of Years shall be no more and Duat will shed the black light upon us all.

Typhon, Erbeth, Pakerbeth, Setnakt, Bolchoseth Khesef-hra, Sekhem-hra, Khak-ab, Beteshu, Kharebutu.

Starts with acoustic interludes, then a morbid and serpentine melody throughout the song. Many names are hailed in the lyrics to no amount, like the calling of the eleven angels. “Liber Lvcifer” is my favourite song from the album. For some it is just music, but only for a few it is an experience…

Thanks a lot for such words, for me Thy Darkened Shade is a constant Luciferian ritual that guides closer to Thaumiel. If the reincarnation pact with Moloch happens, Satanaamah will aid Dies Irae, until Malkuth will be no more and reincarnation will seize to exist. But that belief of ours will be further elaborated in our two books of Promethean might.

It’s impossible to think of LLI without that flabbergasting cover art by Vampress Imperium. As her creativity and affection for metal music is what inevitably lead to the art works of LLI/ EMNR and Sunyata. She is like the driving force behind your music (there is no creation without the female principle) which has grown and become ever more specific, with emphasis on sincerity and devotion to the spiritual traditions. The impact that the album leaves on grotesque art aficionados is phenomenal. Can you delve into more details of her? Has Vamperess Imperium involved in bands to explore her artistic excellency?

The force behind our music and behind her artwork is the Devil. Thanks for such words; I am sure she appreciates them a lot, so do I. Only humanoids do not honour the female principle, Lilith is half of the Adversary and should be equally worshipped and glorified as Samael. Vamperess Imperium’s charisma is not of this world, she values her work in similar ways that we value our music, she is striving for freedom and real perfection which can only be achieved through acausal forms. It is the acausal energy that we strive to channel into the causal plane, until all become none and none become all. Vamperess Imperium is working on an ambient project for years now, imagine something between Hexentanz, Moevot, Aghast, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud and a sinister influence of ONA chants, but still really personal and deep, I will be there too charging the Ahrimanian principle while She will summon Az! Hail VS131!

As the album cover came up, I couldn't stop thinking of that image – A female figure with dark wings, who cries blood, bear within her the Black Flame of the Acosmic spirit in the right hand, the ring finer touches the tip of the thumb with the other three fingers stretching out… The halo around her head correlates with what? The Black Sun? I want you to enlighten me about the essence of this stupendous yet mysterious art’s theme and profundity.

The cover depicts SataNaamah, a holy union and a manifestation that will be unveiled in the two books of the Order of Promethean Fyre, it is the union of ida with the pingala. As everything TDS related, the eyes correlate with something holier than the human mind can comprehend and signifies the abhorrence towards the cosmic order and the awakening towards the within among other holy endeavours that is for the listener to unveil. The eyes have ceased to see the cosmic plane, they see what lies behind the veils of cosmic illusion. They cry blood because they are physically destroyed, yet they see nothing and all, the eternal void of the widdershins streams of Chaos. Personal curses will be blessings indeed, opposition for us can only lead to victory and strength. The henosis between Satan and Naamah and the halo depiction signifies Self deification that the practitioner receives due to his/her dedication and enlightenment. It also correlates with Universe B and the end of Samsara, thus it conveys the ascension to Thaumiel and finally, connotes the step into the beyond. A secret revelation will be unravelled as well to those who wish to work with SataNaamah since the cover links all the Qliphotic shells together.

As I said earlier, the album cover art remains an indiscernible part of the album. Vehemently asking, how careful are you for physical versions of your music, now a days the packaging is vital importance for physical versions, the choice of cover artist and layouts can make heed a release. What I am saying is that if the booklet and artworks simply unimpressive, the whole impression suffers, no matter how brilliant music is. Correct me if I am wrong?

Black metal for me is the ultimate 'art form' which in turn becomes something beyond art. All the aspects of TDS are really important and should all reflect the Dark Gods. Dark Gods’ reflection can only be perfect, there is no other option, it is a disgrace to offer Them mediocre mundane works. That's one of the reasons why I work with Vamperess Imperium, because she knows that the art of Lucifer should come from Lucifer himself and not from the hand of the artist.

Entering into the arena of Semjaza. We call you Semjaza, when you evoke that state from within, do you feel connected to a lineage of Dark Gods? I do wonder if many other musicians experience this. According to Hebrew Myths, by Robert Graves, Semjaza, the adversary or opposer is eternally residing in the sky in the form of the constellation Orion, hanging between heaven and earth, with his head pointing downwards. Is there any esoteric meaning to it?

My blood is of Qayin's blood, thus I am always part of the lineage no matter my earthly or my magical name, my essence is made from His essence. I am deeply connected with the Watchers and Semjazazel, those who turned against slavery and decided to erase the demiurgic filth once and for all are the only true Gods. They teach us to choose the path towards eternal freedom and Godhood, they are Self-created and are following nothing apart from the eternal acausal will of ChaoSathanas, Semjaza found me and teached me that the only meaning of living is to worship Satan. Like anticosmic Prometheus, Semjaza is piercing the astral webs via Orion while Azazel is cursing the tree of life under the mountain of Dudael until all become nothing. For further “explanation” behind Semjazazel see Liber Falxifer II and dedicate your life to the Watchers.

TDS is about less style and more substance. Of course it is. You definitely work hard to get better as you delve deeper into newer terrains with your studies. I hesitate to ask some questions because I’m reluctant to immerse myself in such dark subject matters. Can you tell me about Enochian Magic and its profundity? I know that Enochian Magic is a system of magic teaching communication with angels and spirits, and with travel through different planes of consciousness. How is it possible to attain this state wherein one is fully immersed in one’s self and is able to derive total bliss in this experience?

Attainment is deep and personal for each individual; there are paths that lead to inner alchemical transformations. These paths will further lead closer to our own higher selves, but the wyrd of each individual is different and unique. The ordeals and the hardships will always strengthen the will until the Daemonic Self appears and commands the destruction of all human weaknesses. As for Enochian magic, we know the stories with John Dee/Edward Kelley and the developments of enochian magic by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers or Aleister Crowley. And of course, the Book of Enoch contains eternal knowledge however, we must give much emphasis on the Watchers and the gnosis that awaits those few who possess the fire of Semjazazel within their black hearts (which is the black flame of Sathanas).The eternal Watchers felt the essence of Qayin boiling inside His daughters and copulated with them, while teaching the chosen few of His lineage and the forbidden alchemy of black magic.

Do you have an intention of incorporating Indian instruments such as Tabla/the Sitar within the song structure in the future?

There is no intention in what I do, I have the ultimate need to release my Azoth Self and every album is a reflection of that quest therefore, the possibilities are infinite because my Self derives from chaos. There were times that too much thought boycotted my real Self and I understood that the only way is to let chaos guide me instead of trying to guide chaos (something which cannot be done). That's why if you listen to all our works you will notice some crucial differences, we even covered the Devil's Blood and King Diamond by using only clean vocals, only the Devil knows what the future will bring for Thy Darkened Shade.

Your expression was of course Heavy Metal in teens and adolescent period of your life. And I think that you learned to play your instruments while covering to such Venom, Iron Maiden, Manowar songs. May be it’s a progression, skilfully. And TDS was the main band and that was where you developed your abilities into higher level. My question is in what way are you going to construct songs for the band CAVE? I mean any well-structured directions or rules you should keep for Cave? I don’t know your detailed proposal to reinforce or reinvigorate this young band. First, I thought Cave was a heavy metal band. Playing blackened traditional heavy metal band with RJD-like vocals.

I learnt to play the guitar by covering Iron Maiden, Bathory, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Metallica, Slayer, Sodom, Manowar, Manilla Road, Heavy Load, Omen etc. and the classics in general and I am always hugely inspired by 80's metal fanaticism. Cave is not about traditional heavy metal, I somehow learned how to create deep spiritual music because of Cave but better not go deeper into that. Cave was formed without the need to release anything, solely to glorify the demons within and without. There are no rules in what I do, I always follow my acausal will when I create, I let myself into the everlasting streams of chaos and I let chaos flow. Cave is not an exception to that; there is a call, a certain feeling that tells me when something is for Cave, Shade or Acrimonious.

I am listening to 13th Moon’s “Abhorrence of Light” as I type this, and prior to that I was listening to Ain Sof Aur (Brazil). And that’s what I am interested in at this point as far as metal is concerned, quality music from quality bands. These two bands are a booming proclamation of the sparkling spirit of the underground as they've crafted excellent pieces of grotesque art on their own terms. What do you attribute that phenomenal rise to?

I am not into those bands, I once or twice heard 13th Moon’s album and found it really good and necromantic, I need to dig deeper into those albums and then I can properly reply to this question. As for the rise of the underground black metal masterpieces, black metal is and was an inspiring force emanating from Lucifer and it will forever stay into the region of acausal fire. Real black metal will be forever an inspiring otherworldly form of Left Hand Path bliss for the few and not the masses. A lot of people grew tired of the fake values that the mainstream media promote as black metal “values” and they are turning their attention to the abyssal underground. Way too many releases deserve the attention and really few of them are not made by underground bands, Watain is one of the few exceptions of that rule, producing inspiring art for the Devil and keeping the values of the black metal essence. Watain are spreading the name of Azrt to many unaware people and I am grateful for their work. Another well-known act that I highly respect, but with totally underground attitude, is obviously Abigor, one of my favorite bands ever. Abigor deliver inspiring Devilish works, their approach is something I highly value and their thoughts highly correlate with mine, we are close spiritually and they are one of the few brother bands of TDS along with Acrimonious. Abigor were releasing also an amazing occult black metal zine called The Art of Necronomicon in the 90s. This zine captured the real essence of black death and reminds us the extremist mindset and the fire that can burn everyone; I was overwhelmed with feelings of grandeur when read this zine. Hail to my brothers until my very last breath, death to the posers and all those who insist to envenom this holy art! Speaking of underground acts, Amestigon delivered one of the best black metal albums this year and Crypt Sermon one of the best doom metal albums in years. Also, highly anticipated albums for me are the new Drastus and the new S.V.E.S.T., I am sure that these albums will bomb the fake scene. In general, too many great releases come forth from Noevdia, World Terror Committee, Dark Descent, Terratur Possessions (Sinmara's album is in constant rotation and Svartidauði's EP too), Ancient Records, Daemon Worship etc; visionary labels all of them that deserve much support!

You may have reached a point in your life where other band’s music doesn't influence on you as much anymore, whereas your knowledge increases and you develop more understanding of the skills of such visionary people give into their compositions. Bands like Clandestine Blaze and Funeral Presence are actually doing something utterly new and original compositions. That´s the way black metal has to be. As we know, DsO which sounds different to Katharsis to Antaeus to Ofermod. Black Metal, an extant genre.

Exactly, and it is not a coincidence that all the bands you stated marked in a way or another black metal with their unheard and diehard devotion to the Devil. There comes a moment in time that influences are completely unimportant and the only struggle that matters is to perfectly channel the quintessence of Satan.

However, some music continues to live forever, while something sounds very outdated like five years after its release but I find everything perfect on both albums especially the magnum opus “Liber Lvcifer I - Khem Sedjet”. I can acknowledge that I've probably written these questionnaires for my own satisfaction as I felt that “Liber lvcifer I” conspicuously elevated Thy Darkened Shade onto a visionary extreme black metal band in the underground, who have figured out the actual potential of the medium that black metal is.

I really appreciate these words from devoted people and I ensure you that Thy Darkened Shade will continue to unleash unique perfect black metal for the Gods of the Dark.


(It was a pleasure interacting with a Luciferian like Semjaza. He's a good njani, no doubt. Artists are shy a lot barring a few exceptions, Semjaza is one of those exceptions who don't mind talking about His life and art. Read His words, listen to His music and exacerbate thy wisdom. Hail Semjaza! Hail Thy Darkened Shade! For more information, you can be contacted Semjaza at or to access exclusive material from the band, I suggest you visit the following links.)

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