Thursday, 25 December 2014


This earth is arid and barren, adorned with charred remains of lost grace.
Yet seekers shall follow those pathways of bane, woe, scourge, and plague, 
Darkness reigns. None shall see redemption.
None shall find peace.

2014 was not a prolific year for me but I know its loaded with an enormous amount of big releases. I heard 100+ albums this year and avoided many. Every album that gets made, people behind it try to make the best effort that they possible can, yet most of the albums released in 2014 surrender everything I have during a first listen besides there's nothing left to engross when I listen to them again. But its pretty apparent what kind of tunes I've been digging this year. Absolute highlights for me this year are ''Enemy of Man'' and ''Nothing but the Whole''. Did I like début work of Sinmara? The Dead of the World? new Mortuus? Yes, I liked them all though have no deep impact on me. I've no best of 10 or 20 album list yet I wanted to write about the best metal albums I heard this year. 

1) Kriegsmaschine's Enemy of Man - This ek'statik album leads on to a stygian voyage where inventiveness flow on. Maze of mesmerizing strokes of drumming and genuine guitar make this album an aurally delightful one that engrosses us with its enchanting beatific way. Tracks proffer plenty of unalloyed pleasures. The drumming on the album is certainly spectacular, great style and variations, besides the lyrics is another aspect adding to the total appeal of the band other than the music. I have enjoyed it immensely.

2) Emptiness's Nothing but the Whole - NbtW is their most creative album. A kind of experimental attempt which is both unique and unclassifiable. Emptiness have attained a new level of musical brilliance with this release. They just try to do whatever seems interesting to them, without thinking too much about what is going on around them and that´s the way it has to be. Emptiness wanted to make a timeless records, and avoid all clichés that would bring them down to any precise point in time. I emphatically say, Emptiness are best!

3) Thy Darkened Shade's Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet - Its brimming with subtle nuances and oodles like some classic raw BM records yet still maintain its individuality. Structurally the album sticks to heavy/old school metal feel thoroughly the record which is engrossing and entertainment same time. Its characterizing by vicious precision of the guitar riffs, ideal drums and powerful vocals all over the rush of the rhythms. This is the true essence of BM óld skool'. TDS are agile and they throw the right amount of suppleness in the compositions that makes LLI appear truly unforced.

4) Nightbringer's Ego Dominus Tuus - ''Ego  Dominus Tuus'' is chilling to the core. The indomitable strength lies in the record is unforgettable subtle riffs within the roiling mass of symphonic chaos which opulently layered with sinister atmosphere, that's the crux of the album. Hail Nightbringer. Oh black metal, what would I do without you? 

5) Abigor's Leytmotif Luzifer (The 7 Temptations of Man) - Abigor are absolutely individual and developing something new with every album and I don't call the new album is a summation of what they portrayed in the past. (I love listen to Apokalpse and LL in a row). Here we can sense a perfect production that brings out all the songs at best. Each song is structured with many variations. A sonic devotion to the Devil. What more is there to offer than them-self? This is not an album to dissect and analyse. It’s something to be felt and something abstract that deals with inner emotions. 

6) Teitanblood's Death - Unmatched contemporary savagery besides the epitome of grotesque art. An apt album title. Flagrant ride of heavy blasting percussions, chaotic compositional structures, strong lyrics, good production works are the characterizations of this total annihilation. Cover art done by Timo Ketola. The imagery in some lyrics is very intense. I am thinking how amazing it would have been if they'd make a video for the track Sleeping Throats of Antichrist. Verily verily I say unto you, this is DEATH METAL.

Shine you terrible lamp of Wisdom, Shine upon the desert fields of night. 
Shine within flesh and blackest mire, for my tongue has a dire taste for fire. 
I've become something that I've never dreamt of before.

Perhaps I've a special liking for metal bands that abound in ideology, originality and truthful in their beliefs which are the reason why I am recommending above mentioned albums to anyone out there. Extremely memorable and near flawless albums. They all have one thing in common: they're thoroughly individual and sound very refreshing. They're actually doing something new and original music. Such intense ideologies, lyrical philosophies and musical intelligence which is not very easily available around now. Maybe, it’s not music that defines black metal. We extreme metal aficionados are a particularly well informed and opinionated lot when it comes to this extant genre. These albums that mean a lot to me. I am truly enthusiastic. Buy Cds, years later, it could be your most valuable possessions. None shall defy.  Even I miss an album, impressed with the samples that I had heard from Ain Sof Aur. I can sense that Ophis Christos is one of a pleasurable albums in 2014. Probably the best black metal band in recent years!

What I look forward to hearing in 2015 are Slagmaur, Amestigon and Serpent Noir. Actually, can't wait to listen to ''Erotomysticism'' as its rooted in more classical sound capes, hard rock and some occult metal sound. Daemon Worship Productions will be handled this release. Hopefully, I will get to see Inquisition and Napalm Death live in July 2015 at B'lore Open Air. You seriously cannot believe the level of chuffedness going on right now. If all goes according to plan it will eclipse it. Jesus is ideal but you Christians, you are not like him. Wishes everyone who likes that kind of a thing ''Merry Yuletide''.