Friday, 28 December 2018

2018 - Can you hear the drums of doom?

''It starts as a blaze
That soon lights a fire
Inside and all around you
A finger that points towards unknown directions
To paths leading away from the stagnating slew
Soon you know the voice that is calling''

Chaos Invocation - Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond.
Abigor - Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)
One Tail, One Head - Worlds Open, Worlds Collide
Mare - Ebony Tower
Tribulation - Down Below
Ascension - Under Ether
Aura Noir - Aura Noire
Voivod - Wake
Spite - Antimoshiach

No year-end assessments, no new year, no new beginning. Only the ones with Iron Will shall reign in this era of mediocrity and violence.