Sunday, 1 January 2017

Catechesis - Kvltist

For many blerts, the diabolical music may be just another provenance of entertainment. That's not a dis, exactly. As I grow older, I have come to understand clearly that some extreme metal records work differently for me. Is utterly unimpressed with just about everything and everyone, with very a few exceptions. I think, there's a cut-off point in life till which period you absorb everything and after that point, your brain stops being ultra-sponge it was. Okay, the difference between ''Leytmotif Luzifer'', ''Liber Lvcifer I'' and ''Catechesis'' is refinement, not the quantitative difference in BM realm.

Catechesis strikes ahead with unswerving intensity. No fantasy, just absolute devotion to the black arts. It inspires fear instead of immediate affinity. It explicitly defines, what Satanic hymns are all about. MZI and Amon are the devoid of false ego and firmly believe that those hymns come not from that duo, but through them. That's Lucifer's gift to the few chosen superior humans who venture into the burning path in this wretched world.

''Let us rejoice! Let us rejoice!
the lord cometh, proclaimed through all throats, 
from the depths, from the heights!
Hosanna, brethren, as the lord cometh...
Open thy veins onto the soil where he will walk. Let us rejoice!''.