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An interview with Edgar Kerval of Emme Ya.

Emme Ya is the in deep exploration of Edgar Kerval in the fields of sonic mutations and hybrid sounds capes emerging from astral atavisms experimented time ago. Emme Ya is a black planet with two suns (256=11x23 E.Q) in the Sirius binary star-system in such planet resides mostly of loas, spirits from Atlantean tradition and extra-terrestrial emanations surrounding the aura of planet earth. The main influences are the ancient mystical cultures, as Atlantis, Sumerian gods, voodoo pantheon, atavisms, and diverse abstract forms which reflects into their mind, more than the perceived reality hidden in ancient stellar wisdom. Such vast forms are channels of perceptions which he focuses through the band. The transmissions appeared to his mind in a mutating way, showing him that path to follow...a dark path beyond the stars. I have often pondered the thought of interviewing Edgar Kerval entered mind some time ago. Now the time has come for you to see this conversation with him. Hark. Besides, today is his birthday. On this special day, we wish you all the very best to you man. Have a resplendent journey towards 2014.  

You are currently working on a collaborative release with one-woman sound-scape artist Abby Helasdottir of Gydja from Wellington...

E.K. - Yes actually we are working with Abby from Gydga and me on some ritual sonic experimentations which will be soon available in this existential plane. The music is from intense to deep and ethnic, having a powerful dose of our eclectic magickal nature which are transmutation of lustful and penetrating hymns to Hekate-Lilith. Some sample track can be heard here. Emme Ya/GydjaShe is definitely one of the most creative artists visually and musically too. An honour to work with her. Also we are planning another album together with my brother John Longshaw from the cult BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY, GYDGA and EMME YA called Mictecacihuatl.

The artwork on the ‘Chthonic Transmission’ is done by Abby, she does all the art for Cold Spring Records.

E.K. - The artwork visual expressionism from Cthonic Transmission is really power, an alchemical transformative process in man, to release its most in deep feminine currents and how such energies are moult into astral planes to create a deeper communion with which I call The Red Gods. She is a very creative artist more from her can be checked on this page.

When got you interested in Ritual Ambient music as it is the most spiritually powerful forms of art to manifest our dark thoughts?

E.K. - So ritual ambient has been a powerful and manifested weapon to transcend another subconscious levels and astral planes, the deep dense atmospheres showed me too many masks still exploring and transcending so many worlds, so many path and labyrinths. So many year ago I got a tape of ‘Zero Kama’. Back 90’s, I was totally hypnotized by such incredible and deep ritual transformations. My eyes were into some stuff from Lustmord, Nocturnal Emissions, raison d'être, among others.

Your ideology plays a great role in your music creation process I believe. Whereas how Emme Ya has or ritual ambient music shaped or changed your personality?

Yes in a spiritual sense, ritual music has reached a deeper state in all my masks into this existential plane and other astral explorations. It’s like a gateway to self-transformation and alchemical catharsis mutating all the time, and offering you diverse eclectic methods of self-transformations. All such alchemical process rise in the spectral aeons of EMME YA back in 2008 when the spirits know the red gods, show me this transcendental entity and then start to work on my ritual chamber in the creation of ritual sonic sigils and massive handmade instruments. Of course the spiritual exploration plays and important role in all my life and magickal creations.

What is the meaning and inspiration behind the project’s name? And what esoteric knowledge plays in the development of your music and art works?

The name Emme Ya emerged in a strange way into my life back in 2008. I was dreaming and in such voyage, I was naked running into a long cold labyrinth, images and symbols around spoken to me in strange ways; days after, I was painting and drew a kind of image of some candles burning and some faces (spirits) coming from the candles, later I became so obsessed by a book called “The Voudon Gnostic Workbook” by Michael Bertiaux. So I bought the book and my surprise when reading it was the first rituals involved the use of candles to evoke spirits of voodoo pantheon (loas). So I was involved into some practices, and from somewhere comes the idea about a distant planet of dimensional structure from Sirus system, so I start to read some books and stuff and find EMME YA, there were a kind of synchronity between rituals, loas and magical currents all of them converging into this project. With months of development and hard work into such magickal currents came to my brain the idea to create a kind of artistically musical project involving my knowledge and experimentations. And then Emme Ya was born as shining light evoking the most primal and obscure aspects from my being and everything begins to mutate and transform itself into strong musical structures which got the attention of a lot people worldwide due the nature and primitive explorations generated here.

“The Black Opal Eye” is exceptional and “The Night Ov Pan( Hymn For A New Dawn)” creates a weird atmosphere through a melancholic flute nuances besides on “The Servants Ov The Star And The Snake” various other sounds such as animals, whispers from beyond, are floating around on “Aerum Vel Saeculi”. So, I ask you, Edgar, what kind of effect would you like to add in your music for those who listen to Emme Ya?

The most important element with each one of my ritual transformations through EMME YA is to open a vast magickal vortex in order listener can travel and to return to such pre-eval state of consciousness via sonic mandalas as I call my music and then to start the alchemical process to transcends from human to god in diverse astral and chthonian worlds.

Pre eval atavism of the shadows.
The album “Chthonic Transmission” didn't let me down as the slow, beautiful patience in your compositions are so careful choices of sounds. How careful were you in shaping the structures of the songs on this album?

For me, the most important goal is to create a special atmosphere, which could evoke feelings desirable and various reflections in the human soul and thus cause deep vibrations. One of the points of my creations is the fact I am mostly into improvisational stuff so nothing is planned in a determinate album. I just go to my ritual chamber and start to work on dense sounds, ritual mantras, analogue sounds put them together and incredible this one became so deep and strong. After that some small changes here and there and ready. The point is that I need to be in an especial mood or charged ritualistically talking to transcends in the creative process of EMME YA and my related projects.

Tell about the track called Reversed Kundalini (Trasmutation Rite) as its menacing force of pure sound wave power... 

One element of the release that has been consistently lauded is the artwork associated with it. Reversed Kundalini (transmutation Rite) is the suggestive and hypnotic entrance to B universe through anal masturbation and high dose of magickal plants. The percussive sounds and mantrals seems to create a powerful effect when hearing in a high volume.

Emme Ya collaborated with Luna Dopa year’s back and the release is still good. Luis Gabriel creates ritualistic ambient pieces, which surely will transports us to such unknown regions of our subconscious, with deep engulfing drones that grow stronger and is swelling like the ocean to take the listener deep into his magic sound world. What in your opinion is the most singular and unique aspect of his way of working?

So working in split release with Gabriel Luis and LUNA DOPA was really great. He is a very creative artist and the result was really potent. I have lost his contact for some years but I am sure he is somewhere developing its great ritual explorations

“Sabbatica” is an anthology book relating several writers, which is a collected book dedicated to Death and Qayanite traditions and is the way the astral paths of sorcery and magick. SABBATICA is a massive volume with more than 200 pages including essays, praxis/ritual, and arcane poetry.

SABBATICA “the seas of death and the arcana of death bringer. The first in a series of grimoires that will open a pathway of instruction to powerful fetish rituals, death devotional chants, and invocations dedicated to death deities, necromancy and other in depth explorations and its transgressive nature veiled through knowledge. The book came in two beautiful editions. The regular edition with a great cover by Nestor Avalos and the lodge edition cover done by Hagen von Tulien. So Frank from Nephilim Press did a great work. This anthology offers a unique amalgamation of contributors, each offering all of their knowledge within the pages of this. Authors included here are:

S. Ben Qayin -Dead but Dreaming, The Arte Of Necromancy And The Calling Of The Fallen-
Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold -The Waters Of Death And The Graveyard Of Stars-
Sean Woodward -The Death and The Resurrection show-
Bradley Allen Bennett -In The Garden Of Bones: Working With Death And The Dead In Paneonic Witchcraft-
Robert Angelo Dalla Valle -Provocation: Justitia Omnibus-
Edgar Kerval -The Crown Of Black Thorns: Explorations and invocations of our holy mother death-
Ljossal Lodursson -The ultimate touch Of The Great Poisoner-
Aion 131 -Nanthtantrika Pitra Paksha Puja- (HOnoring The ancestors & Hallowed Dead)
Kyle Fite -Seven Feet Under: The Hearth Of Fire Beneath The Tongue Of Silence
CLaudio Calvalho -The Triumph Of Death
Andrew Dixon -Arutam, Muisak, Nékas. Three Souls of the Shuar.

Illustrative art by: Hagen Von Tulien, Oryelle Defenestrate Basculae, Kyle Fite, Vaenus Obscura, Magick kazin, Robert Dalla Valle, CLaudio Calvalho, Edgar Kerval.

Also you work in Qliphoth journal which has released two editions and third one comes in November. Edgar’s first book was called “Via Siniestra -Under the Masks Ov the Red Gods”, and was released in February via Aeon Sophia press from Holland.

Qliphoth has become a cult inside the esoteric magical counnity due the high transcendental exposition of diverse artists, magick and devoted souls looking to express its most rotted magickal creative side here. The first editions were sold out and the third one is out now via Nephilim press.

Qliphoth journal is a grimoire focusing the diverse paths of magick in its entire splendour. Our main focus is to cross the paths of knowledge via praxis, ritual and gnosis. Working intensely in each one of the volumes offered here. Through this III opus called - The Cycles Ov Primal Kaos - we focus to go back to such primal states of consciousness through the methods of atavistic resurgence, awakening the immortal essence of the self, through the development of our own divinity with direct experience with spirits, servitors, guardians, loas of our own temples.

Baratchial sigil
With via Siniestra I call this book as devotional experimental magick, working intensely with 7 spirits I discovered called the red gods. So on the book there is an each explanation how to work with each one of them specifically and how to connect the tunnels which connect us with such transdimentional forces. The book was released in English by Aeon Sophia press and also there is a Colombian version from Ophiolaetria, and a Latin America by Black tower publishing’s. Next year a French edition by Ars Senestra is coming somewhere in 2014.

The second book will come this year and it’s called “Ast ma iun - Eos Tar Nixet” via Qliphotica and will include a ritual CD too.

My second book “Ast ma iun - Eos Tar Nixet” will come out this year and will contain my deep explorations about each one of the qliphothic sheels with a personal perspective. Also dealing with lots of rituals and devotional mantras and a ritual CD included for the practitioners own use. This book will be really potent one. The introduction has been done by Asenath Mason from The Temple Of Ascending flame and some images done by Sean Woodward. Sigils and art by me too.

There’s never a guarantee that information on-line is accurate. Do you rely on the internet for information for your books?

My books are just personal experiences, during long process of praxis rituals and deep inner transformations.

How open are you to other genres? You have participated in some releases of Black Metal bands, most recently on Amenti… You have created 5 rituals tracks like intros between each track with invocations and mantras.

Yes for me it was an honour to participate in an amazing ritualistic black metal album as the ones of Amenti, released by the cult black metal band ACHERONTAS, so the album itself is charged with some primigenian energies latent in each one of the hymns gathered here.

How did Acherontas approach you for working with them on their fourth full length album? And how did you arrive at the point where you could make music for Amenti…

Acherontas V.p and I have a deep relationships for ages. He is a brother and one of the creative souls in Acherontas. So he also have a powerful ritual project called Shibalba, so we spoke one day and we finished working in a cooperation so I create some Sigils and ritual tracks, he also did 2 amazing voices in two tracks for the debut of one of my projects THE RED PATH coming next year via Noctivagant records in the head of Phil Brito.

Archaic is a new project of you and Phil Brito from Noctivagant Records.

: Archaic: is one of the best and penetrating projects I ever worked. Dense and vaporous since the beginning will growing as a black hole in the cosmos devouring everything its step. So proud to work with my brother Phil in this project a second album will be out somewhere in 2014 too.

How has life been besides working on music related stuff?

As you perhaps know, I live in a deep region in the shaman lands of South America, Colombia, so most of my time is in my ritual chamber, painting, writing and creating music. Too hard to find a job when you’re a 41 years old man, but I survive here.

Thanks a lot for the interview and visit and keep updated to my ritual manifestations:

: ARCHAIC: -      
NOX 210      
Edgar Kerval -

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